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Catalan Solidarity for Independence

Catalan Solidarity for Independence
Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència
Leader Alfons López Tena
Slogan We make independence possible!
Founded 20 July 2010
Headquarters Barcelona
Ideology Catalan independentism
Colours Red and white
Local Government
52 / 9,137
Parliament of Catalonia
0 / 135
Politics of Catalonia
Political parties

Catalan Solidarity for Independence (Catalan independentism, dissatisfied with what they considered a pragmatist and conformist policy of other Catalan parties (including the independentist Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya) towards the issue of independence.

Currently, it is the second largest independentist political force in Catalonia after Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya. It has 4 representatives in the Catalan Parliament.

It was formed on 20 July 2010 by former FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta, the jurist Alfons López Tena (former activist of the Democratic Convergence of Catalonia) and the Catalan MP Uriel Bertran (former ERC member) as an umbrella group for various supporters of Catalan independence and the creation of a sovereign state for Catalonia.[1][2][3][4][5] It was named after Catalan Solidarity, a political coalition of all pro-Catalan parties which existed between 1906 and 1909.

Catalan Solidarity for Independence was formed as an electoral coalition of six political parties (Democràcia Catalana, Solidaritat per la Independència, Partit Republicà Català, Els Verds-Alternativa Verda, Catalunya Nació Independència and Partit Socialista d'Alliberament Nacional) to stand for the 2010 parliamentary election in Catalonia. Negotiations for to incorporate the group Realignment for Independence failed due to a disagreement regarding the compilation of electoral list, and divergence in both tactical and strategic considerations.

Its slogans are: "Catalonia the next state of Europe" and "We make independence possible!".

Many public figures have supported the movement, for example Hèctor López Bofill, Toni Strubell, Isabel-Clara Simó, Carles Solà and Josep Guia.

In the 2010 Catalan elections, it won 3.28% of the vote and 4 deputies in the Parliament of Catalonia, among them the three co-founders. Three were elected in the constituency of Barcelona, and one in the constituency of Girona.

In 2011, the party's co-founder Joan Laporta left the group. The new party leader was Alfons López Tena.


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