Dj mag

DJ Magazine
File:DJ Magazine (February 2012 cover).jpg
February 2012 cover
Editor Magazine: Ben Murphy
DJMagTV: David Eserin
Categories Music, technology, nightlife, style
Frequency Monthly
First issue 1991
Company Thrust Publishing
Country UK
Language English
ISSN 0951-5143

DJ Magazine (aka DJ Mag) is a British monthly magazine dedicated to electronic dance music (EDM) and DJs. Founded 31 January 1991, the magazine is translated monthly to Portuguese, Polish (since June 2010),[1] Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Chinese, Bulgarian, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch.[2]

DJ Mag Canada, launched in partnership with IHM Global Media Corp in January 2012, publishes exclusive Canadian content, articles, video and photo sharing. IHM Global Media Corp also launched DJ Mag Caribe in August 2012 (as well as DJ Mag Australia and DJ Mag France are planned, in partnership with IHM Global Media Corp, for July 2013 and November 2013 launches respectively.

DJ Blackbook

In January 2008, the magazine created the DJ Blackbook which is a database of DJs, producers and promoters. It was released online and in a printed version with over 10000 contacts.

DJ Mag Top 100 Polls

The magazine publishes two annual "Top 100" lists, one for DJs and one for nightclubs. As of 2010 both polls are based on a public vote. formed a collaboration with the 2008 DJ poll, saying "By offering each voter a free track to download from our catalogue of 350,000 titles from over 10,000 labels, we can demonstrate how easy it is to find your favourite electronic music legally."[3] The awards party for the poll has traditionally been hosted at the Ministry of Sound nightclub in London. For the 2011 poll, the event was hosted outside of the UK for the first time in its history, being staged at the 2011's edition of the Amsterdam dance event. The 2012 and 2013 award show was held on 19 October at the same event.[4][5]

DJ Mag Top Polls


  • IDMA Best Music Publication 2003[6]
  • IDMA Best Music Publication 2004[7]
  • IDMA Best Music Publication 2005[8]
  • IDMA Best Music Publication 2006[9]
  • IDMA Best Music Publication 2007[10]
  • IDMA Best Music Publication 2008[11]
  • IDMA Best Music Publication 2009[12]
  • IDMA Best Music Publication 2010[13]
  • IDMA Best Music Publication 2011
  • IDMA Best Music Publication 2012


External links

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  • DJ Mag Website Old web site with Top-100 rankings from 1999 to 2008.
  • DJ Blackbook
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