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Angiocentric lymphoma

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Title: Angiocentric lymphoma  
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Subject: Mycosis fungoides, Cutaneous T cell lymphoma, List of cutaneous conditions
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Angiocentric lymphoma

Extranodal NK-T-cell lymphoma
Classification and external resources
ICD-10 C86.0
ICD-O: M9719/3
MeSH D054391

Angiocentric lymphoma (also known as "Extranodal natural killer cell lymphoma,"[1] "Nasal-type NK lymphoma,"[1] "NK/T-cell lymphoma,"[1] and "Polymorphic/malignant midline reticulosis"[1]) is a cutaneous condition which in Korea, is reported to be the most common form of cutaneous lymphoma after mycosis fungoides.[2]:739

Extranodal NK-T-cell lymphoma is a type of lymphoma.[3][4][5]

It is called "extranodal" to emphasize that the location is not in the lymph node. It is sometimes further qualified as "nasal type".

It can be associated with Epstein Barr virus.[6][7]

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