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List of Deputy Prime Ministers of Luxembourg

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Title: List of Deputy Prime Ministers of Luxembourg  
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List of Deputy Prime Ministers of Luxembourg

The Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg is the second-highest position in the Luxembourgian cabinet. The Deputy serves a vital function in Luxembourg's collegiate cabinet system, deputises for the Prime Minister when he is absent, represents his or her own political party, and holds other government positions.

Since the position was created, in 1959, all governments have been coalitions of two of the three major parties: the Christian Social People's Party (CSV), the Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party (LSAP), and the Democratic Party (DP). The Deputy Prime Minister has always been a leading politician from the junior coalition partner.

Since 1989, the title of Deputy Prime Minister has been an official one,[1] although the position had been unofficially known by that name since its creation. From the position's creation until 1989, the Deputy Prime Minister went by the name of the Vice-President of the Government. This mirrored the Prime Minister's title, which was President of the Government until 1989.[2]

List of Deputy Prime Ministers

Deputy Prime Minister Party Start date End date Reason for departure Prime Minister
Eugène Schaus DP 2 March 1959 15 July 1964 Coalition partner changed[3] Pierre Werner
Henry Cravatte LSAP 15 July 1964 6 February 1969 Coalition partner changed[4]
Eugène Schaus DP 6 February 1969 15 June 1974 Government lost election[5]
Raymond Vouel LSAP 15 June 1974 21 July 1976 Appointed to EC Commission[5] Gaston Thorn
Bernard Berg LSAP 21 July 1976 16 July 1979 Government lost election[6]
Gaston Thorn DP 16 July 1979 22 November 1980 Appointed EC President[7] Pierre Werner
Colette Flesch DP 22 November 1980 20 July 1984 Coalition partner changed[8]
Jacques Poos LSAP 20 July 1984 26 January 1995 Coalition partner changed[9] Jacques Santer
26 January 1995 7 August 1999 Jean-Claude Juncker
Lydie Polfer DP 7 August 1999 31 July 2004 Coalition partner changed
Jean Asselborn LSAP 31 July 2004 Incumbent

ImageSize = width:800 height:auto barincrement:12 PlotArea = top:10 bottom:50 right:130 left:20 AlignBars = late

DateFormat = dd/mm/yyyy Period = from:02/03/1959 till:01/07/2007 TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:10 start:1960

Colors =

 id:LSAP  value:rgb(0.7969,0,0)           legend: LSAP
 id:DP    value:rgb(0.5313,0.5313,0.9999) legend: DP

Legend = columns:2 left:150 top:24 columnwidth:100

TextData =

 pos:(20,27) textcolor:black fontsize:M
 text:"Political parties:"

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 width:5 align:left fontsize:S shift:(5,-4) anchor:till
from: 02/03/1959 till: 15/07/1964 color:DP text:"Schaus" fontsize:10
from: 15/07/1964 till: 06/02/1969 color:LSAP text:"Cravatte" fontsize:10
from: 06/02/1969 till: 15/06/1974 color:DP text:"Schaus" fontsize:10
from: 15/06/1974 till: 21/07/1976 color:LSAP text:"Vouel" fontsize:10
from: 21/07/1976 till: 16/07/1979 color:LSAP text:"Berg" fontsize:10
from: 16/07/1979 till: 22/11/1980 color:DP text:"Thorn" fontsize:10
from: 22/11/1980 till: 20/07/1984 color:DP text:"Flesch" fontsize:10
from: 20/07/1984 till: 07/08/1999 color:LSAP text:"Poos" fontsize:10
from: 07/08/1999 till: 31/07/2004 color:DP text:"Polfer" fontsize:10
from: 31/07/2004 till: 01/07/2007 color:LSAP text:"Asselborn" fontsize:10

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