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Theory and Practice in Construction Project Bidding & Purchase

By: Linfan Mao

A how to book on Chinese construction, in theory and practice.

Abstract: A tendering is a negotiating process for a contract through by a tenderer issuing an invitation, bidders submitting bidding documents and the tenderer accepting a bidding by sending out a notification of award. It is a main measure for completing market economy in China. According to laws and new regulations, rulers and codes new issued, this book introduces fundamental knowledge and techniques in theory and practice for a construction contract by bids, such as those of macro-economic policies, investing and constructing management, the tendering and bidding law with its regulations and how to compile a qualification document for a designing, consulting, constructing, purchasing project or a corporate body of a project management. By Smarandache multi-spaces, a mathematical evaluation model for bids is established and examples are included. The Tendering and Bidding Law of China, 5 regulations related and 100 answers for tendering and bidding in China can be found in the attachment. It is referable to researchers on theory or persons working in purchasing and students in universities....

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