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Captain Burle

By: Emile Zola

...Penn State Electronic Classics Series Publication Captain Burle by Emile Zola is a publication of the Pennsylvania State University. This Portable... ... file as an electronic transmis sion, in any way. Captain Burle by Emile Zola , the Pennsylvania State University, Electronic Classics Series , Jim... ...Pennsylvania State University is an equal opportunity university. 3 Emile Zola CAPTAIN BURLE by Emile Zola CHAPTER I THE SWINDLE I T WA S NINE O’C... ...ove the rain angrily against the windowpanes. The old lady lifted 5 Emile Zola her eyes from the smoking vine roots now dying out, to make sure that ... ... I am here yot may as well know—after all, it is, perhaps, best.” 7 Emile Zola He sat down before the chimney piece, stretching out his muddy boots a...

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