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The Religious Dimension

By: Donald Broadribb

...he Religious Experiences of an American Indian” was published in Eranos 18-1950, © Eranos Foundation, Ascona, Switzerland. The quotations from this pa... ...that Christians of the earliest period were able to believe that their own deaths would not take place, even though others had died. Avoiding death is... ... guilt did not apply to her. As her birth was unique, so was her death. In 1950 it was proclaimed that she entered heaven in her body, which is also s... ...achings about the Virgin Mary were proclaimed as certain truth—from 431 to 1950—historical records show that these were not new beliefs entering into ... ...of an American Indian” in Eranos Jahrbuch vol. 18, Rascher Verlag, Zürich, 1950, pp. 259-62. 102. R. C. Zaehner, Mysticism, Sacred and Profane, Oxford... ...tsiders. Thirdly, these older medicine men were dying off, and after their deaths the information they had imparted to anthropologists could not be ve... ...ication Title 1 1957 Psychiatric Studies 2 1973 Experimental Researches 3 1950 The Psychogenesis of Mental Disease 4 1961 Freud and Psychoanalysis 5 ...

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