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Links and Factoids

By: Sam Vaknin

... Bulimia Nervosa are indeed more common among adolescents. But close to 80% of all deaths from anorexia nervosa are among people older than 45. Act... ... So did Joseph L. Mankiewicz for A Letter to Three Wives (1949) and All About Eve (1950). http://academyawards.20m.com/trivia.htm P-Q Pak... ...and kernels 5600 years old were discovered in the "Bat Cave" in New Mexico in 1948-1950. Popcorn kernels - ready to pop - were unearthed in ancient... ...d sulfuric acid. During the autumn of 1909, there were more than 1,000 “smoke-fog” deaths in Glasgow and Edinburgh. In 1952 smog killed more than 4... ...urran of the National Weather Service. In the United States alone there were 3,239 deaths and 9,818 injuries from lightning strikes between 1959 an...

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