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The Marketing of Ideas and Social Issues

By: Seymour Fine

...e study of concepts takes on added significance. A trend appeared early in the 1970s as a rise in ideological concern became apparent in purchase... ...trition of foods, from texture to flammability of fabrics, from power to safety in automobiles and from suds to pollution factors in cleansers. He ... ... Cell (5) designates profit-making exchanges of tangible products -food, clothing, automobiles and so on -probably the largest proportion of commerc... ...en an automobile, may similarly be positioned in that "product space.” Of course, automobiles like all other products, possess more than just two a... ...d more credible information of the diffusion-adoption process. In the 1960s and 1970s a great deal of information accumulated in the area of socio... ... Marketers of the idea of pursuing higher education have become aware during the 1970s that the youth market has modified its perceptions regardin... ...0s that the youth market has modified its perceptions regarding that product. The 1970s introduced an era in which consumers making up this market ... ...ound new ways to keep the near-dead alive and so on. For another example, compact automobiles and bicycles enjoyed wide use in most of the world lo... ...epresented by the value of a comfortable and prosperous life. (Until early in the 1970s that value could typically be expressed by ownership of a l...

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