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By: Florentin Smaradanche

...eative disposition of its initiator and organizer, the poet-mathematician Florentin Smarandache (paradoxism = smarandachism, in an “internal” and al... ...nages, a paperback book published in fact in Morocco, The author: the same Florentin Smarandache. But the surprise had to grow on, as the reading wen... ...uires the appeal to new arguments before an optional decision between two alternatives offered. Solomon Marcus has circumscribed the area of manife... ... rigid and apophtegmatic assertion of Ion Barbu: “culpable is all that is altered/ and is holy only the marriage, the outset”. The phenomenon is ev... ...remember that this Husserl found the remedy in the return to cartesianism (ego cogito), this would teach in literature the return to the author’s sup... ...to), this would teach in literature the return to the author’s supremacy (ego scribo), but after this the author will then renounce the exterior con... ...ba, Oradea, 1st volume, 2000; He has collaborated to over 100 of literary magazines and 43 of anthologies all over the world. F. Plays set in stage:... ... and Postmodernism, Ramnicu-Valcea, Adrianso. 2000, 92p. IN PERIODICAL MAGAZINES: Raïss, Khalil, Ecrivez vos paradoxes!, in “L’Opinion”, Rabat,...

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