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The Vatican Conspiracy

By: Jonathan Cross

...a filmy form of an arm that began to roll toward him like a slow moving ocean wave; it pointed a milky white semblance of a finger directly at his c... ... is on the warpath again. I heard him shouting up and down the halls that the American Bishops were trying to rewrite Church Doctrine again.” Ignor... ...edo momentarily, but then he quickly reminded himself that this was the first American Pope in history, and more importantly the first one of Jewish... ...ver, after the white smoke rose from the chimney announcing the election of a new Pope, the word spread like wild fire through the mass of people, wh... ... it. Cardinal Berini was furious, and made it known to everyone, including the new Pope. When it was later discovered that Pope Francis was not on... ...g," he said flatly. "Oh, for Christ sakes, not you too Walter!” he said as a wave of despair washed over him. “First, my wife, and now you. After e... ...le of days." "What do you think they'll do?" "First, they'll pull in those groups who are the most loyal to them. If I were the Colombians, I'd h... ... been in the U.S. for many years and who have no connections to any terrorist groups, to be framed for the bombings. I want the Americans to believe... ... and prayed to his Father in Heaven, “May Heaven’s mission be fulfilled.” A musical chorus of the ‘Ave Maria’ wafted throughout the stadium, as the...

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