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The Ulysseans

By: Antonio Mercurio

... contains I suggest that besides reading it individually you discuss it in groups, together with other people who are enthusiastic about the ideas it... ...though they were morsels of food. One day you will find you have developed new thoughts and behaviours that will surprise you and that will bring yo... ...have been working to create centers of energy that are capable of giving a new soul to tomorrow’s Western World; a soul that can handle the massive ... ...e anonymity of the masses. 36 Otherwise, let’s take the example of a musical instrument: a violin, a standup bass or an entire orchestra. Some... ... a melody or a symphony. If we want to, we can imagine our lives like a musical instrument that has four strings: the body, the psyche, the I Per... ...k at how Ben-Hur manages to enter into deep contact and get on to the same wavelength with each of the horses. Those who have seen the film will r... ...he comments you made yesterday evening and this morning, both in the small groups and in the big one. Allow me, after having expressed my admiration ... ...lopment of my reflections on the anthropic principle created by a group of American scientists. Anyone who would like to know more about the anthro... ...d being devoured by Polyphemous or the Sirens or being swallowed up by the waves; he still must face the anguish of how to get by Scylla and Charybd...

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