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Corpus of a Siam Mosquito

By: Steven David Justin Sills

...d into repudiating their aloneness. It was an early Bangkok morning with a new day tripping over the corpse of the earlier one the way dogs on the Ban... ..., he befriended his morose tendencies. Basking in the grandeur of his new stature, the back seat Nawin was dwelling on himself continually in the... ... nod. The boy born of the name Jatupon was bleeding inside him. His brain waves wiggled around like noodles. He was no better than this man. They bo... ...ure; but she was still a woman down deep even if she denied it just as his American passport and name-change made him abstain from bits of himself. A... ...ls finding themselves separately cast onto lifeboats in an ocean of random waves for they found oceans of thoughts within themselves that seemed more ... ...sed land he did not expect that even if he were to live somewhere in "Euro-American Bangkok" (Banglampool, Silom, and Sukumvit roads with their seven ... ... "Lets talk of them, the ashes that they be. They make up one of two groups of people in your life and these categories of individuals need to b... ...e evanescent nectar in the dissolution of events and time." "Only two groups?" "Only two unless you make up a third. All I know of the futu... ...l training and boldness could persevere to be someone accomplished in this musical genre. He could run to Noppawan Piggy's home. He had the address...

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