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The Path of Splitness

By: Indrek Pringi

...ngs out, continually wondering about things, continually looking at things in new ways, continually experiencing new things, continually comparing t... ...he more energy it sucks in, the more powerfully it spews gamma rays and radio waves out of its two polar orifices. Things do not disappear into bla... ... of one Totality to penetrate, there were two. This Condition was completely new to Impetus. He became confused, he became indecisive…. Which one... ...on; once they entered the 3 rd dimension, they became what Science calls the waves and troughs, or peaks and valleys of radiating 3-dimensional ene... ... infinitely small-split particles, and then began coming together into larger groups of infinitely small energy particles... to eventually merge tog... ...ines of mammals contain 24 vertebrae. This is why there are twelve notes on a musical scale. This is also why there are twelve meridians of the h... ...roperties of both waves and particles. This is why the main vibration of any musical note exists only as a whole, a half, and a third. This is why... ...ew lions? When there were millions of grazing animals? Why didn’t the North American natives colonize the land where millions of bison lived? It ... ...hapter Three: Summary of Hominid-Human development 205 The earliest North American cultures invented bone-tools and flint tools by themselves. B...

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