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The Best of Four

By: Carol Ann Ellis

...e beginning of the fall semester this year, Penn State Altoona s residence hall rooms came equipped with a computer. This new plan is the first to be ... ...cademic/ undergrad/pages/policies/registra.hthl?scheduling>. EZ Scheduler. American Systems. Internet. 23 Novem- ber, 1998.: <http://www.americansys.c... ...les and giving their best to win the game. My biggest dream now is to play football for Penn State. An invitation is needed to play for the university... ...ol, I found out about a church up the block from where I lived, that had a football team. The name of the church was Abyssinian Baptist Church. The ch... ... like a family would to keep peace among each other. The reason why I love football so much, besides that it makes me a part of a new family and it te... ... victs made me respect the law like I never did before. A Worthwhile Place Andy Stankovich Every teenager should see and experience what pris- oners g... ... runs out of gas. Coincidentally, the anniversary of the murders is around Halloween. My friends and I went to see if this story was true. The road wa... ...ed and fifty miles north of central Pennsylvania. They have two sides, the American and the Canadian. The deaf- ening roar of the Falls can be heard f... ...also because of the Imax Theater and the Skylon Tower. Niagara is a Native American word meaning thunder water. The American falls are straight and ...

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