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The World Factbook: 1987

By: Central Intelligence Agency

...pines 197 Pitcairn Islands 198 Poland 199 Portugal 200 Qatar 202 Reunion 203 Romania 205 Rwanda 206 S St. Christopher and Nevis 207 St. Helena 20S St.... ...67 estimates of religious affiliation 70% Muslim, 20% Albanian Orthodox, 10% Roman Catholic Language: Albanian (Tosk is official dia- lect), Greek Inf... ... Pharmaceuticals Major trade partners: exports Yugosla- via, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Italy, Po- land, France; imports Yugoslavia, Czech- oslovakia, F... ...n: 9,873,066 (July 1987), average annual growth rate 0.07% Nationality: noun Belgian(s); adjective Belgian Ethnic divisions: 55% Fleming, 33% Walloon,... ... or pressure groups: Chris- tian and Socialist Trade Unions; Federa- tion of Belgian Industries; numerous other associations representing bankers, man... ...n balance (1983); 1.1% real growth rate (1985); average exchange rate 59.378 Belgian francs= US$1 (1985) Natural resources: coal Agriculture: livestoc... ...6% unaffiliated or other; less than 5% of Protestants and about 25% of Roman Catholics active participants Language: German, Serbian Infant mortality ... ...s supported financially by contributions (known as Peter's pence) from Roman Catholics throughout the world; some income derived from sale of Vatican ...

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