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The Williams Record

By: Student Media

...thletic tal onts (liBiilayod. Nor was the fac- ulty overlooked. One of the best a))prociatnd was " Hail to North Ad ! " No wonder, for oven the Hoosao... ... a change of circumstances rendered him despondent. His last great workand best portrait is ' 'The Bur- gomaster. " In paintings of 'h^ own home he wa... ...9 lot. Sayre prepared for school at the Hill school and at Lawrenoe- ville academy. He spent two years in W^yoming and Montana after graduation. Sayre... ...t of himself and a copy of the well known picture of Oliver Croniwel.. The originals are scattered over many of the art galleries of Furope. most, how... ...ifc MURRAY HILL HOTEL M One Block From Qrand Central Station European Plan—Music—Smoker Headquarters in New York for All College and University Athlet... ...y western team which eanie east this your—were at the small entl of a to 7 score after Allen throw a sensatimial goal from the center of tho lloor in ... ...lloor in tho second minute of an overtime jieriod. Colgate lost by a largo score. Brown telephoned its forfoitiiro of the game scheduled in Williams- ... ...M. Moore, Mgr. W, S* Underwood Go. ^ PIANOS, it UlgillS North Adams, Mass. MUSIC PIANO TUNING A SPECIALTY P RATT BROTHERS COLLEGE i SHOES Opp. Wilson ... ...nd. The photographs are remarkable in that they are direct prints from the original plates, instead of being enlargements. The artist, a resident at O...

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