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The Public Domain : Enclosing the Commons of the Mind

By: James Boyle

...nded consequences. The two defining technologies of the last thirty years are biotechnology and the networked computer. Each is both product and platfo... ...- cess involves biological materials not found in nature. Good old-fashioned biotechnology would qualify. One of the first biotechnology patent cases, ... ...t to focus on a third conception of synthetic biology: the idea of turn- ing biotechnology from an artisanal process of one-off creations, developed w... ... this chapter, synthetic biology shares characteristics of both software and biotechnology. Chapter 7 174 -1 ___ 0 ___ 1 ___ 37278_u01.qxd 8/28/08 1... ... coupled with the Patent and Trademark Office’s handling of both software and biotechnology, will come together so that the patent is not over some par... ...l circuit” do the same? And—to repeat the key point—unlike computer science, biotechnology is developing after the hypertrophy of our intellectual pro... ...ture of synthetic biology, I think its story—coupled to that of software and biotechnology more generally—presents us with an important lesson. I star... ...apter with the metaphor of Procrustes’s bed. But in the case of software and biotechnology, both the bed—the categories of copyright and patent—and it... ...the entire world of “information-based” products, which is coming to include biotechnology. The scale of your network matters. The larger the number o...

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