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The Path of Splitness

By: Indrek Pringi

...simply too much of a risk to take. But people are mindlessly loyal to their brands and tastes… As Coca Cola found out when they tried to change t... ...formula for their product: customers simply stopped buying it and bought other brands. Until they brought the same old beverage back and renamed it:... ...ing to overpower all of the other capitalistic superpowers with an even worse brands of military dictatorship than the West supported… The result is... ... powerful, more ferocious etc. Today people wear t-shirts advertising company brands for free. Try finding a t-shirt without a consumer brand, or n... ...he voice of his master. Just as Queen Victoria was listened to by the entire British Empire. Class racism. Class brainwashing. The brainwashing ... ...: two Christian nations stopped the killing to observe the birth of a child. British and German soldiers came out of their bunkers and exchanged gi... ...ey get used to the European presence on their land, and then the might of the British navy and army can roll in after the vermin have established th... ... sent over by England. As a gift. To commemorate America breaking free of a British Empire that no longer had any bad feelings about the U.S. being... ...ropean invading colonists in North America burned to the ground? Because the British Parliament…. which was rotten to the core with corruption did n...

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