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Waverley or Tis Sixty Years Since

By: Sir Walter Scott

...WAVERLEY or ‘TIS SIXTY YEARS SINCE by SIR WALTER SCOTT A Penn State Electronic Classics Series Publication Waverley or ‘Tis... ...ssics Series Publication Waverley or ‘Tis Sixty Years Since by Sir Walter Scott is a publication of the Pennsylvania State University. This Portable ... ...transmission, in any way. Waverley or ‘Tis Sixty Years Since by Sir Walter Scott, the Pennsylvania State University, Elec- tronic Classics Series, Jim... ... and sombre library, with no other light than was afforded by the decaying brands on its ponderous and ample hearth, he would exercise for hours that ... ... round him; but all was still solitary. If it had not been for the decayed brands of the fire, now sunk into grey ashes, and the remnants of the festi... ...—”Better an old woman with a purse in her hand, than three men with belted brands?”’ Then, turning to the company, he proposed the ‘Health of Captain ... ...al cause of their being written, without a glance into the interior of the British Cabinet at the period in question. The Ministers of the day happene... ...at he protested he could beat any known march or point of war known in the British army, and had accordingly commenced with ‘Dumbarton’s Drums,’ when ... ...I remember his successor in office, a member of that enlightened body, the British Convention: be his memory, therefore, treated with due respect. CHA...

Excerpt: Waverley or ?Tis Sixty Years Since by Sir Walter Scott.

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