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Listen with Your Heart

By: Barbara Scott

...ating he might smile on occasion. There was no hint of that in the frown he granted Daniel this morning. The frown deepened and the spark of recogn... ...foyer and I might have gathered evidence to the contrary. He wouldn’t even grant me your name. I had to rely on my faulty memory of last night—” he... ...s chest where the top of Morgan’s head might reach. “Phffft, height, I’ll grant you,” Gertie said. “But there’s more than hem length to properly f... ...ry bubbles of sound that went to his head like champagne. He took one ruby bud between his lips, tickling it with the tip of his tongue until she sq... ... less frequent. “If you accept the faith with humble submission, God will grant you the grace to understand its mysteries,” she’d hear Father Mint...

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