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The World Factbook: 1987

By: Central Intelligence Agency

...d Type: self-governing until complete inde- pendence from the Netherlands is granted in 1996 Legal system: based on Dutch civil law system, with some ... ...ommunists: no overt Communist pres- ence Other political or pressure groups: Bud- dhist clergy, Indian merchant community, ethnic Nepalese organizatio... ...ts France, Kenya, Re- union Budget: domestic revenues, $11 million; external grants, $29 million; current ex- penditures, $14 million; capital expendi... ...ery, transport equipment Budget: estimated in percent of GDP revenues 30.7%, grants 4.0%, expenditures 45.7% (1986) Monetary conversion rate: 176.14 D... ...her Religion: 83.5% Hindu, 11.0% Muslim, 2.6% Christian, 2.0-2.5% Sikh, 0.7% Bud- dhist, 0.2% other Language: Hindi, English, and 14 other official la... ...apan, Middle East, US, Rwanda, Uganda Budget: as percent of GDP revenues and grants 24%; total expenditures and net lending - 28% (1985/86 est.) Exter... ... 4% Kazakh, 2% Chinese, 2% Russian, 2% other Religion: predominantly Tibetan Bud- dhist, about 4% Muslim, limited religious activity because of Commun... ...in world, although no sharp distinction be- tween many Hindu (about 88%) and Bud- dhist groups; small groups of Muslims and Christians Language: Nepal... ...nese, 14.9% Malay, 6.4% Indian, 2.3% other Religion: majority of Chinese are Bud- dhists or atheists; Malays nearly all Mus- lim; minorities include C...

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