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By: Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

... occupations, idle imaginations, and unprofitable propositions. As if you grant follie what it desireth, it will no-whit be satisfied; so is wisdome... ... true seeds or roots of cruelty, of tyranny, and of treason. In youth they bud, and afterward grow to strength, and come to perfection by meanes of c... ... in courtesie, to sue unto him for the deliverie of his prisoner, which he granted; the French Nobilitie never refusing Ladies any kindnesse. Seemeth... ...le and endure. So have we nothing to doe but with paine. I will willingly grant them that it is the worst accident of our being. For I am the man th... ...hath said, Apollo heare, Loth to be heard, Goddesse of theeves, said he, Grant me to cousen, and yet just appeare, My faults in night, my frauds in... ...ten, melt, and dissolve into a kind of whey, namely, when it beginneth to bud, fearing it should turne to seed, and lose the nature of a storehouse,... ..., for their sustenance, the part and gnaw off the end whereat it wonts to bud. As for warre, which is the greatest and most glorious of all humane a... ...w and recover it selfe on old age, I earnestly advise it to do it; let it bud, blossome, and flourish if it can as Misle-toe on a dead tree. I feare... ...y. For, whereas Homer extends it untill such time as the chinne begins to bud, Plato himselfe hath noted the same for very rare, and the cause for wh...

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