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Heroes of Unknown Seas and Savage Lands

By: J. W. Buel

...terrible wounds 217- 227 CHAPTER XX. Cortez Plucks the Flower Glory out of the bud Of defeat. -- Recruiting another expedition against Mexico -- Captu... ...etimes the spectres give an omen of approaching death, as in the story told by Grant: An officer of the English Navy was pacing the deck when his sist... ..., the Khan answered them, "Since you desire your reproach and shame, let it be granted you; go and do herein after your wont." The messenger returning... ...mperial lineage of Zingis-Khan, or of one family called Boriat, which had been granted this privilege for the great valor some member had shown upon a... ...corpses that were polluting the streets, they utilized the time which was thus granted in preparing for a secret removal of their Emperor to the main ... ... from London and Paris, and as they came they brought with them favorites, and grants dispossessing the original colonists, many of whom not obtaining...

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