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The Zohar: Annotations to the Ashlag Commentary

By: Rav Michael Laitman

...BOUT RABBI SHIMON BAR-YOCHAI 1 In the second century CE, a single man was granted the spiritual knowledge that Kabbalists had accumulated for 3,000 ... ... at use here—cutting off, or pruning the impure forces from Malchut (rose bud). THE VOICE OF THE TURTLE DOVE: The turtle dove is a Sefira, the prope... ...ers, MAN, “questions”) should be about one thing only: for the Creator to grant us the strength necessary to ascend spiritually, to transform our de... ... world), and they shall join your Assembly.” Rabbi Shimon said, “Time was granted to him, he was granted time” (Rabbi Chiya’s time has not yet come)... ...He has put up many gates ON THE PATH TO HIM, and thanks to these gates He grants sufferers the opportunity to draw closer to him, the opportunity fo... ... SAM, Eliyahu took upon himself his role of a prosecutor, and was thereby granted an opportunity to defend Israel (one who aspires to the Creator) w...

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