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7 Scorpions : Rebellion

By: Mike Saxton

...pieces. The panic at the former university was geting worse. Not a single bus had departed yet. John was hurrying, followed by his wife, Vincent’s g... ...AKS!” Vincent suddenly yelled. Talbot slammed on the breaks and the shutle bus squealed to a halt. As he took a moment to observe outside, he saw an ... ... incent and Lexi stood back to back, about twenty feet be- hind the shutle bus. On either side were three men, six in total, who all looked like they... ...e heard was the cocking of Vin- cent and Lexi’s pistols. “Picked the wrong bus to hiack asshole,” Vincent snapped. “So what now,” the thug asked. “Yo... ...ng like this,” Lexi was impressed. “I’ll tell you when we get back on the bus. It ain’t roids,” Vin- cent responded. As Lexi and Vincent began to wal... ...ave any idea how to cover their tracks,” Vincent suggested. As the shutle bus continued to head further and further away 64 Mike Saxton from Lexi a... ...and Crisco then grabbed the Seeker and carried him outside of the shutle bus. “Josh, I need a feld medic kit to do this. It’ll have a bone saw in i... ...ntly. “It’s a trans- miter. Where did you fnd this?” “ A dead rebel on the bus,” Andromeda fnally spoke. Josh had a sudden look of panic, “What the he... ...been for the past fve months except for two vehicles. A university shutle bus following a 1995 Ford Bronco. They were headed north, into upstate Ne...

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