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The Path of Splitness

By: Indrek Pringi

...e destructive confidence of a judge rests in an entire social network of laws-lawyers-police-legislators-Army-Navy-Air force and a whole host of Gov... ... supposed to have thought of it first; has not only opened the floodgates for lawyers to cheat everyone and complicate the system so applying for an... ...ou do; then you are not allowed to use your own idea. If a corporation hires lawyers and brings you to court even though your new idea is valid and ... ...ourt until you die… simply because they have the deep pockets to pay teams of lawyers to obfuscate the legal proceedings, and delay the matter, and b... ... million years from now, digging up a speck of dust from the Hearst Castle in California; and by analyzing this speck of dust…trying to understand w... ...ng this speck of dust…trying to understand what kind of Culture humans had in California back then… Only there would be no way for you to know that... ...me from the Hearst castle, or that there were millions of expensive houses in California, and that all the people spent a good half of their lives wo... ...ould never, ever tell you anything about what it was actually like to live in California. You would be studying something you could never put into ... ... the first settlers to cross the plains and the Rockies to end up in Oregon or California or god knows where… the myths of the great American Outlaws...

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