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And Gulliver Returns Book V : My Visit to Singaling

By: Lemuel Gulliver XVI

...re and more people at retirement age want to work. A friend of mine at the California State University joyfully goes to work every day at 85. He is a... ... so busy chasing their political tails that they can‟t move forward. Your lawyers, journalists and media headliners keep too many of you focused on t... ...hese are the essentials of mental and societal health.” 24 —“In California we require a valid identification to prevent anyone under 21 fro... ... “The gains vary with the country. For example in Algeria the majority of lawyers and judges are women, yet in your US, college educated women avera... ... want to protect the innocent and the society. In your country highly paid lawyers can use psychological tricks to sway a jury. In our country if you... ...or the doctor. In the UK a knee surgery might take years to get, while in California it would take a week or two. The extra cost is definitely worth ...

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