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Man with No Name

By: Wally Amos

...emonade by Wally Amos with Camilla Denton Aslan Publishing Lower Lake, California U.s.A. Published by AsIan Publishing P.O. Box 108 Lower La... ...ise, with­ out prior written permission from Asian Publishing, Lower Lake, California, USA, with the exception of short excerpts used with acknowledg... ... Sage did not like to fly, and he never once visited our head­ quarters in California. Instead he had an associate, Jerry Pollard, oversee operations... ...He doesn't easily express his feelings. When Gregory was five, I moved to California, so I saw much less of him and we became more distant. Our mean... ...at spirit of joy and festivity. The only people not celebrating were the lawyers at The (Nameless) Amos Cookie Company. At this point, I had also b... ...nday in May, 1992, I spoke at Unity By The Sea, a church in Santa Monica, California. I was being less liberal in ac­ cepting non-paying speaking eng...

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