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Links and Factoids

By: Sam Vaknin

...ka Lidija Rangelovska A Narcissus Publications Imprint, Skopje 2005 Not for Sale! Non-commercial edition. © 2002, 2005... ...10, 1931 but was not impressed. Even in the months after May 1934, when he met her for the second time, dined with her and her husband in their Lon... ...merican liaison. He contemplated marrying one, Thelma Furness, but then dumped her for Simpson. The British media - though perfectly aware of all t... ...menian community was arrested and executed. Between May and June 1915 the Armenian population was deported to Mesopotamia. The deportation followed... ...well as setbacks in the war - prevented the Turks for deporting the urban Armenian population in the Ottoman Empire's major cities. Today there are... ...t the University of Illinois, noticed in the early 1960s that though the bacterial population doubles every 20 minutes - the quantity of luciferase... ...of particles to escape while the other is hurled towards the singularity (i.e., the center of the black hole). The escaping particle draws energy fr... ...hind. Quotes from the official Web pages of some of these databases: National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) Its mission ... ...ral Analysis Unit (BAU), Child Abduction and Serial Murder Investigative Resources Center (CASMIRC), and Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (VIC...

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