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From Chaos to Harmony

By: Rav Michael Laitman

...icial appearance of a particular combination of these forces. They know which elements need mending to yield a clearer, brighter, and sharper pictur... ...ords, all the plants of a certain kind operate in the same way, and specific elements in the species do not have singularity of their own. The grea... ... individualization, conflict, and competition. At the end of these stages the elements unite into a single, harmonious system. She used as an exampl... ...has a personal, egoistic inter- est. However, the essence of evolution is that elements with personal interest unite into a single body and work for... ...e function as healthy parts within it. Thus, if we thoroughly examine Nature’s elements, we will see that altruism is the basis for life. Every livin... ...rchers assume that there is a reward for altruistic behavior in the form of a chemical called “dopamine,” released in the benefactor’s brain and pro...

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