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Kabbalah, Science and the Meaning of Life

By: Rav Michael Laitman

...sure and the Giv- er of the pleasure. In reality, all that exists is these two elements. PA RT I : K A B B A L A H M E E T S Q UA N T U M P H Y S I C... ... T H E G I V I N G F O RC E A N D T H E R E C E I V I N G F O RC E 55 higher elements, in the sense that they precede all religions and belief syst... ... matter. Instead, it postu- lated that matter is operated by cause and effect. Chemical reac- tions do not happen according to the phantoms of alchemy... ...ot happen according to the phantoms of alchemy, but according to quantifiable chemical reactions that can be mechani- cally controlled by mathematics... ...l other sciences. It was believed that although a living organism was made of chemicals, it was nonetheless oper- ated by a living entity that was no... ...ding ours, stand one below the other. Hence, all the worlds comprise the same elements. The Light emerges from the Creator and traverses all the wor... ...in the worlds above this world, too. There is only one difference between the elements of this world and the elements of the Upper World: in the Upp... ...ped. When I was a child, we would take pictures on a film and dip the film in chemicals to de- velop the pictures. When the film was immersed in the ... ...be chilled, the cold can be heated; the solid can be turned to liquid through chemical operations, and the liquid made into air, meaning only gas, w...

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