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The Silver Lining: Moral Deliberations in Modern Cinema

By: Sam Vaknin, Ph. D.

...s clear that we do not acquire the hardware (neurones) and software (electrical and chemical pathways) we are born with. But it is equally clear tha... ...acquire" both brain mass and the contents of our brains (its wiring or irreversible chemical changes) through learning and experience. Does this pro... ... a partial parallel, at best: the computer and word processing software are passive elements. It is my brain that does the authoring. And so, the my... ...by definition, a part of Nature. His tools are natural. He interacts with the other elements of Nature and modifies it - but so do all other species... ... completely lack organisation. Yet, structure and organization are mere language elements. They are “in our head” so to speak. They do not exist ... ...e range of planetary habitability is much larger than thought. But whatever their chemical composition, most Alien species are likely to be sentie...

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