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The Religious Dimension

By: Donald Broadribb

...hly organized under King Akhenaton. 11 It was later blended with religious elements from ancient Palestine of about the same era, as well as with orga... ...aning of the teaching of karma which appears to have been one of the basic elements in original Buddhist thought. It has posed many difficulties for l... ... question: It is not impossible that here, as in many other cases, certain elements of the training have been borrowed from the autochthonous Bonpos o... ...processes are at work in forming dreams, from hallucinations brought on by chemicals, hallucinations associated with mental disease, and visions/appar... ...n there was exposure of the deceased body on a raised platform open to the elements, and often there was direct earth interment with no coffin. This i... ...way Jung made the same point: [The] whole psychic organism…still preserves elements that connect it with the invertebrates and ultimately with the pro... ...th the same concept as computer technology, the pres- ence or absence of a chemical stimulus being taken as the method by which the nervous system, an...

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