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Terrorists and Freedom Fighters

By: Sam Vaknin

...e result of the realpolitik of terrorism is the collaboration with the less savoury elements of society. Relegated to the fringes by the inexorable... ...tamboliyski tried to appease Yugoslavia and, in the process, sacrifice inconvenient elements, such as the IMRO, as expediently as he could. He made ... ...e that at least several hundred thousand people have been killed. The irresponsible elements have committed such atrocities that could be expected o... ... dubious sources). The situation was further compounded by the invasion of criminal elements from Albania proper. The Kosovar crime clans were effec... ...he psychological makeup of the nation (especially the more rightwing and religious elements) because it constitutes "Narcissistic Supply". Bin Lad... ...e of all branches of human knowledge. No one has ever seen a quark, or untangled a chemical bond, or surfed an electromagnetic wave, or visited th...

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