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Modelling of Rationality...and Beyond the Physics

By: Gh. C. Dinulescu

...espect to such an approach, the theologian Marin Stefånescu stated in his ″Christian Philosophy″: < To be realistic does not mean to be materialistic... ...ly to confer a character of science even to religion, more precisely, to Christianity, the MESER concept brings forth logical arguments that foresha... ...which a character of divine revelation is attributed, and included by the Christianity in the system of the Ten Commandments, are most likely, the c... ...fic nomenclature must be revised in order to be consistent with the usual terminology. The Möbius strip, that sort of curved geometrical surface wit... ... to be counterbalance. Even the text of one of the fundamental prayers of Christianity, ″Our Father″, states: «…and do not lead us into temptation», ... ...ciating a mathematical connotation (of limitation- boundedness), to this terminology of Hasdeu, the unboundedness theory integrates itself into the... ... surprisingly compliant with the standards of natural morals specific for Christianity, when Christianity had not emerged, not even on The Holy Lan...

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