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The Path of Splitness

By: Indrek Pringi

... The earliest symbol of Christianity also represents a Big Bang: it represents the huge expans... ...reaking is that it successfully explains the idea of Intelligent Design which Christian fundamentalists use in trying to refute the Big Bang Theory o... ...of Science. This chapter not only answers the Intelligent Design theories of Christian Fundamentalists, it supports it. Except it supports it not ... ...ero. 0 Also stands for the sign of the Christian cross: the death of a living god, being split in two, dying ... ...rom a wood fire. No food? Then eat the ashes and die. The pronouncement of Christian last words over a corpse: “Ashes to Ashes…can be logically e... ... and Nobles had in those days were the semantic equivalent of brainwashing by terminology. Brainwashing by association. Call a dog a cat long enoug... ... forced to give you an answer: they spout Grey’s anatomy, or some holy medical terminology and mass-studies done on certain ‘identical conditions’, a... ...nd human emotions, and the human psyche-personality-soul. Again. The entire terminology of positive, and negative is a bunch of semantic bullshit....

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