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Speculations and Physics

By: Sam Vaknin, Ph. D.

...980) Memory is a complete conscious state and it is reconstructed as such. In our terminology: the structure is hologramic and fractal-like. Laz... ...nance. Eisen It is the similarity of meanings which encourages memorizing. In my terminology: structures belong to the same hyperstructures or ne... ...isingly, many of the first spiritualists were ministers and other functionaries of Christian Churches. Three historic developments contributed to t... ...pologies and predictions. A scientific theory should resort to primitive (atomic) terminology and all its complex (derived) terms and concepts sho... ...ribed with ones and zeroes, etc.) it is really a software application, in today's terminology. It carries out instructions, reads and writes, coun... ...ips between objects and persons, or persons and persons. Some religions (Hinduism, Christian Science) shrug it off as an illusion, the outcome of o... ...occur it merely limns the limitations of our contemporary knowledge. To use Hume's terminology: it is never a miracle, merely a marvel (or an extra...

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