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The Unfettered Life of Kenyon of New Orleans

By: Steven David Justin Sills

... her yearning for her tormentor’s return, of her wistful caprices for the clock to retreat to that time when she had a job as a paralegal -a time he... ...k had become her and, each day, she flipped and sizzled from the points of clocking in and clocking out. Among other stories, she had heard this one ... ... transients found out where we lived and began banging on our doors at 2 o’clock in the morning because the food pantry was closed. This is the life,... ...e every few seconds and reverberating off an empty shampoo bottle --with clocks confiscated (egg timer I don't know where) this tracks the seconds e... ...Listens to the dripping]. He removed computer and telephone long ago, clocks for whatever reason (maybe just to find out if I would comment on th...

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