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Cyclopedia of Philosophy

By: Sam Vaknin

...lation was premised on the belief in long-term self- preservation. Rational economic players and moral agents are supposed to maximize their utility ... ...anger. But so are threats to one's affiliates, nearest, dearest, nation, favourite football club, pet and so on. The territory of anger is enlarged... ...tion, disturbance, drugs, violence or aggression witnessed by him, to social or to national conflict, to elation and even to sexual excitation. The... ...ble hand of the market" that allegedly allocates resources optimally among various players and agents. Moreover, evolution favors organisms whose r... ...naciously, through countless generations, their language, habits, creed, dress, and national ethos. Only Jews become automatic citizens of Israel (t... ... criminals, sperm banks with contributions from high achievers, and incentives for college students to procreate. Modern genetic engineering and bi... ... entrenched a taboo as cannibalism. Yet, it is better to eat the flesh of your dead football team mates than perish high up on the Andes (a harrowin... ...stituencies will be confined to multi-tiered, self- dissolving ("sunset") "electoral colleges" composed exclusively of volunteers. Left vs. Right (i... ...ryone simultaneously). Such ease of replication gives rise to network effects and awards first movers with a monopolistic or oligopolistic positio...

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