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Laws of Destiny Never Disappear : Culture of Thailand in the Postlocal World

By: Matti Sarmela

... religion Buddhism of the village community 107 From local religion to national faith 107 * Temple monks 108 * Ordination of monks 110 Po... ...lopment has rendered locality, village and municipal communities, even the national state, old- fashioned; the Finnish elite is now integrating its co... ... people who are studying in the technical schools and the teacher training college have come and rented properties in this village to live in. The dor... ...e university in Bangkok. Now I am studying at the Lampang teacher training college. No. I used to be a car trader. I sold cars in a marquee in Lampang... ...ld only like to buy the television. I'm not even bothered about a cassette player. The reason is that I am poor. I have always been poor, and even if ... ...urselves. We don't have electricity here in Ban Dong yet. For the cassette player, we must buy batteries, use battery power, and a car battery for the... ...ing activities were rare in Thailand, but today the villages at least have football teams. The education system supports sports, even village schools ... ... the park, where young musicians and dancers may show off their skills and awards of merit are presented to those who have made best progress. On the ...

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