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The Egoist : A Comedy in Narrative

By: George Meredith

...e chuckling while Egoism is valiant, while sober, while socially valuable, nationally serviceable. They wait. Aforetime a grand old Egoism built the H... ...le of his modesty: “he had only done his duty”. Our Willoughby was then at College, emulous of the generous enthusiasm of his years, and strangely imp... ... but cherish your reverence. Young Willoughby made a kind of shock-head or football hero of his gallant distant cousin, and wondered occasionally that... ...ents. Had the standard of the public taste been set in philosophy, and the national enthusiasm centred in philosophers, he would at least have worked ... ...e attempted a compliment on her truly exceptional char- acter. As when the player’s finger rests in distraction on the organ, it was without measure a... ...unged into the arms of Sir Willoughby. “One has to catch the fellow like a football,” exclaimed the injured gentleman, doubled across the boy and hold... ...ver, in the spirit of the time. I ap- prehended that instinctively when at College. I forsook the classics for science. And thereby escaped the vice o... ...rd of the definition. Rela- tives should know better than to deliver these awards to us in public. “Well?” quoth Lady Busshe, expressive of stupefacti...

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