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Title:   An Introduction to Aristotle’s Metaphysics of Time : Historical research into the mythological and astronomical conceptions that preceded Aristotle’s philosophy
Author:   Mrs. Régis Laurent; Trista Selous
Publisher:   Villegagnons-Plaisance
Language:   English
Date:   2015
Subjects:   Non Fiction, Philosophy, Metaphysics
Collections:   Philosophy
Book Id:   WPLBN0004023763
Format Type:   PDF (eBook)
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...nch universities (Grenoble, Clermont-Ferrand and Rennes). In addition to his philosophical training, the author is also qualified to Masters level in linguistics and in general psychology, and studied theology at the Thomist University in Paris (ULSH) and at the CEJ of the EHESS....
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Title:   Trendsiters Digital Content and Web Technologies
Author:   Sam Vaknin
Publisher:   Narcissus Publications Imprint
Language:   English
Date:   2002
Subjects:   Non Fiction, Education, Technology
Collections:   Technology
Book Id:   WPLBN0001235240
Format Type:   PDF (eBook)
Average Rating:   (90)
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...r book reports. This is buttressed by a Book of Quotations and the entire corpus of the Encarta Encyclopedia, dictionary, and thesaurus. This is the... ...on, the only pair of words that remain clear. Indeed, your disgression on linguistics provides us with a beautiful example of the contradictions and ...
Records: 1 - 2 of 2 - Pages: 

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