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Hawaii Business Magazine-Special Apec Edition

By: Apec Hawaii Host Committee

...URE UNIQUE CROPS WIND POWER WELCOME APEC DELEGATES DISCOVER ANOTHER SIDE OF HAWAI‘I OFFICIAL PUBLICATION of the APEC 2011 Hawai‘i Host Committee 3 ... ...itton Prada Salvatore Ferragamo Tiffany & Co. Hawaii’s largest collection of luxury retailers amidst 290 STORES AND RESTAURANTS. Walking distance fr... ...mber Production Manufacturing Jobs Electronic Tree Tracking/ Secured Chain of Custody Research & Development Eco-Tourism Funding Sources for Non-Pro... ...nce HAWAIIAN TRADITIONS 82 Sustainability, Harmony Built Into Hawaiian Culture 86 What Aloha Really Means Use this QR code to connect to the APE... ...es immigrants, visitors, and locals and promotes the sharing of ideas and cultures. It is no surprise that a recent study ranked Hawai‘i the number... ...alvador • Estonia • Fiji • Finland • France • French Polynesia • Germany • Greece • Guatemala Hong Kong • Hungary • India • Indonesia • Iraq • Irelan... ...me all the delegates to APEC 2011. As a bank that serves Hawaii’s diverse cultures and businesses, we hope our Islands leave a lasting impression o...

Hawaii Business Magazine in tribute to the APEC meeting of 2011.

...- 32 Air Conditioning from Seawater -- 36 America’s Most Diverse State -- 38 Local Economy -- 40 Hawai‘i’s Ties to the APEC Economies -- 42 A History of Innovation -- 44 Astronomy, and Ocean and Earth sciences -- 48 Turning Science Into Practical Inventions -- 56 Winners of the Hawai‘i Business Innovation Showcase -- 60 Breakthroughs in Health and Medicine -- 68 Hawai‘I Di...

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