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The Coming of Messiah in Glory and Majesty: Volume II

By: Juan Josafat Ben Ezra

...VII THIS EDITION PUBLISHED BY J G TILLIN ENGLAND © MM THE COMING OF MESSIAH IN GLORY AND MAJESTY. PART II. (CONTINUED) PHENOME... ...s which we now proceed to examine, viz. the Christian church, and the captivity of Babylon, do not deserve so much the name of Phenomena, as of Anti... ...ena, as of Antiphenomena, or veils, clouds, and impediments, to the observation of the true Phenomena. They are those two great and ancient fortress... ...ion, and withdrew some to Carthage, a colony of the Tyrians, others to Ionea or Greece, others to different parts of Europe or Africa, leaving to th... ...ch great iniquity to an end, and anew to plant righteousness, giving their last culture to the few plants which remain fit for use; and by these mea... ...aul, writing to the Corinthians, which was one of the most flourishing cities of Greece, most prudently accommodates himself to the opinions which pr...

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