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Tokyo to Tijuana: Gabriele Departing America

By: Steven David Justin Sills

...paralysis that would not allow him to make a full smile and finding the eyes x- rays that could go, for the most part, beyond pleasant countenances to... ...sh perspective prevailed. He wanted to once again hold something tenuous and fragile in the palm of his hand as a child would a tinctured caterpillar,... ... called herself Rita and when she called herself Lily she was both timid and fragile, and tended to lie or imitate language like a parrot within her s... ...erself Rita and when she called herself Lily she was even a little timid and fragile within contumacious manic fun. A month earlier she had contradic... ...k to her hotel room, she was amused and puzzled by this Christopher Columbus syndrome of adoration toward her white flesh. Had she been a superstar i... ...ust see the presence of her makeshift life. And yet the Christopher Columbus syndrome was from a discontent and an eagerness to pass out of one's own ... ... in months. Hilda elaborated that this friend of the sister's boss, Stranger X, also from Guadalajara like her family, promised to her father that if ...

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