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The World Factbook: 1987

By: Central Intelligence Agency

... Factbook 1987 CP/1S WF 87-001 US Government officials should obtain copies of The World Factbook directly from their own organization or through lia... ... channels from the Central Intelligence Agency. Requesters in the Department of Defense may obtain copies from: Defense Intelligence Agency RTS-2C Was... ...40-3344 Tel: (202) 373-3869 or Autovon 243-3869 Requesters in the Department of State may obtain copies from: Department of State INR/IC/CD Room 8646 ... ...136 Laos 137 Lebanon 138 Lesotho 140 Liberia 142 Libya 143 Liechtenstein 144 Luxembourg 146 M Macau 147 Madagascar 148 Malawi 150 Malaysia 151 Maldive... ...; 57,450 million kWh produced, 5,820 kWh per capita (1986) Exports: (Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union) $53.3 billion (f.o.b., 1985); iron and steel p... ...n and steel products (cars), petroleum products, chemicals Imports: (Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union) $55.8 billion (c.i.f., 1985); fuels, foodstuff... ..., 1 seat Communists: no known Communist orga- nization; Koma of BNF has long history of Communist contacts Member of: AfDB, Commonwealth, FAO, G-77, G...

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