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Fuzzy and Neutrosophic Analysis of Women with Hiv/Aids

By: W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy and Florentin Smarandache

...k is not only for mathematicians but also for sociologists, economists, human rights activists, psychologists and to women activists who want to mak... ...y could be lessened through higher education, access to credit and equitable rights in the event of divorce or death of the husband or when he is a... ...sex on her own. She said she had not taken any other treatment like Siddha or indigenous medicine. She says she never believes in god. She came to ... ... no one has ever forced her to have sex with other men. She has not taken any indigenous medicine. She believes in God. She happily acknowledges th... ...d by her husband’s family as a characterless women. They said they have taken indigenous medicine and spent Rs.8000 for it in 50 days, but it did no... ...n choice. She feels better after taking medicine. She says she has not taken indigenous medicine. She has no belief in god. She had come to know t... ...er. Only by thinking of the children she becomes depressed. She has not used indigenous medicine for treating the disease. Addition Observation: ... ...V/AIDS etc and above all sex related problem) access to credit, and equitable rights in the event of divorce, certainly such action could simultaneo... ...n sexual behaviour and sexual decision-making between men and women, a human rights issue or another tragic correlation of 249 poverty and depriv...

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