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And Gulliver Returns Book V : My Visit to Singaling

By: Lemuel Gulliver XVI

... from my country which has mired in the mud of self centered desires and ‘rights’ and has lost its role as the scientific and intellectual leader of ... ...many hours in a day. If we use them to fight capital punishment or animal rights, we can‟t use them to make business plans or obtain foreign financin... ...respect for authority and order. If they are too concerned with individual rights they won‟t fit in. We want the whole society to evolve in terms of ... ...ldren the best possible start in life. Whether we look at children‟s human rights as individuals or just what is best for the society—screening poten... ...and adults who are being denied children are having their civil and human rights are violated. Advocates will champion the civil and human rights of ... ...t the religion, or humanistic philosophies, or the clothing styles of the indigenous populations. This may cause frictions with the natives. Catholi...

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