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The Public Domain : Enclosing the Commons of the Mind

By: James Boyle

...nformation, visit www.caravanbooks.org. Copyright © 2008 by James Boyle. All rights reserved. The author has made an online version of this work avail... ...grees with my nomenclature here—and with much else besides. Activists, civil rights lawyers, bloggers, and librarians have actually done much of the h... ... for PLoS Biology with Arti Rai, “Synthetic Biology: Caught between Property Rights, the Public Domain, and the Commons.” 2 For several years now I ha... ...med citizen needs to know at least something about the environment, or civil rights, or the way the economy works. I will try my best to be fair, to e... ...an enemy of intellectual property, a dot-communist ready to end all property rights; in fact, I am a fan. It is precisely because I am a fan that I am... ...ps you led a party of adventurers into some empty land, conveniently free of indigenous peoples. Now your task is to make the society work. You have a... ...abandoned the attempt in the face of furious protest from representatives of indigenous peoples.” T om Wilkie, “Whose Gene Is It Anyway?” Inde- penden...

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